Handmade bath melts

Bath Melts: Decadent, Affordable Treats!

If you haven't experienced bath melts yet, you should! Bath melts are pieces of heaven dropped into your bath water. Immerse yourself in a warm bath filled with oils, butters, and incredible aromas! 

Bath melts have become increasingly popular, and it's easy to see why! These melts are made with skin-loving butters and oils, turning any bath into a decadent at home whole-body treatment. Since they are packed with butters and oils, they are ideal for your little ones and those with sensitive or dry skin; as well as for those who may not be able to use bath bombs. Enjoy silky, hydrated, and soothed skin!

Four bath melts of various colors set on a pink table and pink backrdrop. There is a turquoise giftbox that says Sparkle.


Our bath melts from Wild Olive are deliciously luxurious and unique in scent and design. They can be used whole for one bath treatment, or you can cut them in half (either vertically or horizontally, the choice is yours!) for two baths. The different varieties have fun, unique extras sprinkled on the top to make them extra special! These include bath sprinkles, a puff of biodegradable glitter, and/or a dash of flower petals.

What's the difference between bath melts and bath bombs?

Our bath melts we carry are made of two parts. The bottom half is made from bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), cocoa butter, and coconut oil. This part will make a little fizz when it hits the water! The top half is made from a touch of icing sugar and a LOT of cocoa butter! When in water, rather than fizz like a bath bomb, it melts. This makes luxuriously soft bath water for a skin and body treatment, unlike a bath bomb which can often leave the skin dry and can cause eczema and psoriasis flareups. 

How to use bath melts:

Using bath melts is very simple! You can break the melt up and drop it directly into your filled bath to encourage melting, or hold it in your cupped palm underneath the running water as you fill your bath (after you plug the tub drain!). Give the water a good swish to mix the oils and butters around, and enjoy! 


As with any bath products and treatments, we recommend rinsing or cleansing your tub after using bath products to alleviate any slipperiness or chance of residue that may remain.

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