About Us

Nomad Girl Beauty as a shop was dreamt up by Eve as a way to connect people with skin and body products that are sourced from around the world. There is so much knowledge and tradition that can be respectfully tapped into to enrich the lives of ourselves and our loved ones!

But Eve did not want to just offer quality products-she also wanted these products to be socially and environmentally conscious. Nomad Girl's products support and/or stand for something, whether that means they're woman or minority owned, work with traditional artisans, donate to environmental conservation, or building schools for Indigenous youths, you can rest assured that we have vetted who we work with!

Not only have we vetted the companies themselves, but everything that is in our shop is tested out on Eve and her husband, friends and family members. Our products are ALL cruelty free! Everything that is in our shop has been personally tried and tested before ever being offered in our online shop to ensure that they stand up to our personal quality and value standards.

Image of Eve, the owner of Nomad Girl Shop and Nomad Girl Beauty