Luxury Soaps-Not Your Average Soap!

Luxury Soaps-Not Your Average Soap!

Banner image of three different kinds of luxury handmade soaps. One has dried rose buds with purple swirls. The middle is lavender earl grey. The right is white tea sage with a gold mica line through it.

Elevated, luxurious handmade soaps are here!

All soaps are NOT created equal! These soaps are truly a whole body experience and invigorate the senses-they feel silky smooth and luxurious (except the salt bars, which have a glorious scrubbiness to them!), they are a feast for the eyes with their naturally based colors and dried flowers, and they smell absolutely divine with a scent for everyone!

Each soap is handmade in micro batches, and two brands (Bliss Botanicals and Chalke Valley Soaps) hand hammer each bar with their logo. Our other new brand, Suds and Sage, hand bevels each bar of soap for that elevated look. The soaps feature florals and herbs, proprietary blended essential oil mixes, mineral-rich clays, oils and butters...all incredible things for your body, and sustainably sourced for the environment!  I love how truly special and mindful each bar of these handcrafted soaps is, and how it supports small industry, sustainability efforts, and conscious business practices. 

One of my personal favorite new soaps is the one with the dried orange slice topper by Chalke Valley Soaps-I watched a video where they zested and dehydrated slices from oranges that they bought at a farmer's market and went through the process of making the soap; adding in British white clay, raw Ghanaian shea butter that they work with a co-op for, using dried lavender from their gardens, and then down to slicing and hand stamping.

Dreamy Seville soap with white British clay, lavender, and sweet orange. There is a dried orange top piece and orange zest in the soap.

Another favorite soap comes from Suds and Sage. Suds and Sage soaps are all handmade in Washington State by Tessa (the owner of Suds and Sage), and a member of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe. She is a school teacher, and is also active in her greater Tribal community. Her soaps use natural ingredients like botanicals, spirulina, and charcoal for color; as well as sustainably sourced oil and butter blends of mango seed, shea, castor oil and coconut. Each soap is hand cut and beveled, and even the labels are handmade, printed, cut, and applied to each soap. Her soaps are truly a work of art!

One of my favorites from Suds and Sage is Salish Sea-a balanced blend of ginger, rum, tobacco, and birch wood. It is stunningly colored with activated charcoal and spirulina powder, with juniper berries on top! It has a an earthy scent blended to have a Pacific Northwest (PNW) feel. I've experienced a wide variety of artisanal soaps, and have never smelled one quite like this blend! 

Salish sea soap by Suds and Sage, an Indigenous woman-owned soap company. Colored with activated charcoal and spirulina in swirl designs.

One of the things I love about the Bliss Botanicals award winning range of luxury soaps is how gorgeous they are with the special care taken to their visual esthetics-all while be centered on natural ingredients and skin health. Many of the soaps are crowned with dried flowers or petals, which are the perfect accent to the swirling designs of the soaps themselves. They are packed with butters, natural colorants from clays and botanicals, and have unique essential oil blends! They are another small, woman-owned business that makes soaps in micro batches for highest quality!

 Bliss Botanicals handmade luxury soaps. Left is swirled with activated charcoal and has dried flower petals on top. Right has yellow clay swirls and dried petals on top.

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